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Your hosts Corinne and Alix

Our alchemical encounter, our combined know-how, a residence of character and a geographical location in Capestang rich in history, have made something obvious grow in us: combining hospitality in rooms and table d'hôtes, and sharing well-being activities (massages, vitality coaching, Qi Gong, relaxation) and self-knowledge (numerology, tarot, hypnosis).  

Cap’ instant you invites you to experience a special moment of well-being, outside of time, in a unique place, for the harmony of body and mind.


Corinne has a degree in social sciences and has a varied professional background in sales, integration, training and personal development. She trained in different disciplines: psycho-sociology at Aix-Marseille University, numerology,  numerology (Claude de Milleville), the Marseille tarot, symbolism, Qi Gong, AMMA massage (ASSAMA Marseille school), and the practice of Ericksionian hypnosis (Generation Training Montpellier)...

Corinne has been practicing and teaching evolutionary numerology for 30 years, the fruit of her research. She uses an original method combining, depending on needs, the interpretation of numbers and tarot, the art of massage, relaxation, hypnosis or energetic postures. The goal is to know yourself better in order to give meaning to your life and lead to better well-being.


Alix has 2 State Certificates issued by CREPS Aix-Marseille: Sports Educator - among other things, 3° DAN black belt in Judo/Jujitsu - and Physical Activities for All.  His professional background  for 30 years allowed him to share this know-how: he was Director of a Neighborhood Center, Manager of local sports activities and Trainer. For 10 years, Alix has trained in reflexology, wellness massages, spa and life coach, diplomas awarded by theAndré Lafon Renovated Naturopathy College in Rochefort.

Practitioner of the art of living, Alix helps you better manage emotions, stress and pain (energy and well-being massages). Possibility of sports coaching, personalized vitality course.

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